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  • Tour de France 2014: Women Push to Compete in Cycling's Top Event
    Female cyclists will race at the Tour de France on Sunday for the first time in 25 years, but anyone who thinks women haven’t been key participants in the sport’s top race obviously hasn’t been watching.
    They appear prominently on every competition day of the Tour, and those women even make it to the awards podium. Come to think of it, their job is to be on the podium. They are Tour hostesses, crassly called podium girls, and their main tasks include looking pretty, helping riders don the leaders’ jerseys, kissing cheeks and smiling for photos.
    But along came a group of athletes who couldn’t help shouting that something very wrong was happening in France, and in cycling. Their efforts have ushered 120 women to the starting line of La Course by le Tour de France, a 56-mile race around Paris, hours before the men roll into town for the Tour’s final stage.
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    Juliet Macur is a sports reporter for The New York Times. Since 2004, she has covered the Olympics and Olympic sports, doping and legal issues.
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    Sport: It’s A Female Thing!



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